About me

Photo by Derrick Beasley, @brobeas

I’m a Puerto Rican military brat raised in the South and currently growing roots in Durham, North Carolina with my amazing wife, Raha, and our dog, Âbi, (aw-bee) which means blue in Farsi.

I’m a medical doctor by training with expertise in health disparities, health equity, and clinical research. Through this work, I’ve highlighted the deeper inequities of prostate cancer outcomes within the Latine community through the term ethnic heterogeneity. Similar to many BIPOC physicians, I felt that academic medicine was not aligned with me thriving and impacting healthcare in the way I wanted.

Being a typical millennial, I saw the tech industry as a potential solution. My experience with Black and Latine medical student organizations and health equity work has allowed me to transfer my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in private industry and digital health. Whether it’s courageous conversations with senior leaders, organizing employee resource groups, or discussing equitable product design, I have always been a persistent and thoughtful advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Taking on a more formal DEI role in health tech represents over 10 years of learning, organizing, outreach, and strategy.